Tuesday, June 12, 2012

today's chaburah in the zchus of refuah for Binyamin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah


There’s no place like home… We are so happy to be out of the hospital and IY”H home for the next couple of weeks.  Freedom has a new definition in our lives. It means not being hooked up to IV poles. It means running outside and not being confined to the hospital corridors. It means sleeping thru the night without having to hear machines beeping or getting temperature and blood pressure checked every few minutes or hours. Freedom is opening the refrigerator and choosing what you want to eat (taking nothing away from all those wonderful people that have fed us). Freedom is driving your car in and out of your driveway without having to give a parking ticket to enter in and out.  Freedom is being able to open a window for some fresh air, windows do not open in hospitals.  Freedom is being able to smell fresh flowers, none of which are allowed in the hospital. Freedom is getting Benny dressed or undressed without  having to worry about getting tangled in IV lines. Freedom is giving Benny a bath without having to waterproof his “pick” line (we will have to wait quite some time before Benny can enjoy splashing all the water out of the tub).   Freedom is being able to go to Shul on Shabbos and a Bris this past Shabbos.  The hospital is over 4 miles away from our home. Freedom is being able to celebrate our 7 year old Shmuel Tuvia’s Birthday this past Shabbos. He was so happy we were all home together for Shabbos.
So while we were enjoying all these new freedoms, there was one we were not expecting to lose.  Our Birthday boy, Shmuel Tuvia fell off a swing and fractured his arm.  He B”H is going to be OK and is now a proud boy with a bright green cast on his left arm.  However, he did lose his freedom to finish playing Little League this season. Limited to other activities as well.  I”H it’s temporary and he will have his freedom back soon.
All I wanted to do since we left the hospital was take Benny to the park. That is exactly what I did at about 5 pm today. The first part of the day, I took Shmuel to get his cast, then my other son to the Dr. to get a suspicious rash on his arm checked out (B”H only an allergic reaction and not the chicken pox).
B”H (Thank G-D) Benny had a good day and enjoyed his freedom. We hope you all enjoy yours.  Take a stroll, smell the flowers, take a moment in your busy day and appreciate your freedom.
Enjoy this short video of Benny playing in the park and the other of Shmuel Tuvia getting his cast.
Click link to watch video:  bennyinpark

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