Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recap of last night's class: UNMASK THE DEEPEST PART OF YOU

How amazing!!!!

 PURIM is almost here and Hashem sent us so much information to make our PURIM more meaningful than ever before.

Here are some thoughts we discussed:

The power  of the day of PURIM: (Rabbi Schwartz)
We can touch/experience/live from the "lishma" space in our selves- the part of  our neshama that is integrated with Hashem-

We "pray" the megilah: (Rabbi Ziskind) Every time you see the name haman have in mind your greatest troubles and rejoice when he and his sons are killed-

(Rabbanit Yemima- i think)
the ten sons of haman are k'neged our flaws/difficulties:
1. judgemental
2. poverty
3. easily offended
4. lack of charisma
5. cheapness
6. too much of a religious achiever
7. cut off from transcendence
8. controlling
9. immodest
10. feeling small and worthless

At midnight after megilah reading - the heavens open and daven for Hashem to cancel all bad decrees.

In the morning: daven, megillah, set aside two shaloch manos from yourself and two donations- then you have done your mitzvos and the rest of the day is about accessing and experiencing the lishma space (see above) while taking care of any other practical things- daven in your head throughout the day.

PURIM seudah (meal)= neilah- highest of all year- any request you have - ask! and do teshuva for anything and everything ( have a list ready in advance): this seudah makes up for the achashveirosh seudah debacle--- make it kadosh (holy)! say Boruch Mordechai 120 times and b'rucha Esther bas Avichail 24 times. 

We are organizing a group tehillim to complete the sefer as a group at some point during the day or during your seudah= sign up by emailing me at with the section you want.

Refuah Sh'laima to Shira's husband:
Yakov Shaul Ben Necha Yehudis

Friday, February 27, 2015

By this time next week....

Please continue to daven for Shira's husband: Yakov Shaul Ben Necha Yehudis

Purim will be over:((((

The question is- will you be the same person as you were before Purim?

How can we make sure that we experience Purim in the way that it is meant to be experienced and deepen our relationship with Hashem as a result?

Reitza Sarah sent me this: 

R' Weinberger said ADAR = Elokim Dar

The word Adar can be broken into A/Dar -the Hebrew letter “alef” representing the oneness of G-d dwells (in Hebrew “dar”). 

G-d created the world “to make for Himself a dwelling place (dira) in the lower worlds. 

Adar represents the lowest of the worlds, but it is specifically here where G-d, the alef, longs to reveal His presence and to dwell. 

Since Nissan, the month of Pesach, is considered the first of the Jewish months (Shemot 12:2), Adar, being the culmination of the Jewish year, gives us the opportunity to tie all the loose, hanging ends, and turn all possibilities of frustration and depression into joy.

 there's an extra power in our tefilos and as Rabbi Wallerstein said: there's an ability to do teshuva on Purim, for things that you think you can't do teshuva on, things that one's gilgul may be here for...

Let's discuss on Motzai Shabbos, iyH.  10:00 pm, NY time-
AD DELO YADA....what does that really mean?...stay tuned

Good Shabbos!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Purim is coming!!!  

This motzai Shabbos will be all about the Rav's Torah on Purim, iy'H!

Here is a quick rreview of chapter 6 from our handbook, Inner Redemption:


" In our “I”, there is no lishmah. The more and more we reveal Hashem within ourselves, though, the more we reveal lishmah.

In other words, the inner desire of a person who really seeks Hashem- to leave shelo lishmah and enter into lishmah -is essentially a desire to leave one’s ego, and to instead integrate with Hashem.  Shelo lishmah, thus, is when we are separated from Hashem, while lishmah is all about connection with Hashem."


Shira, our holy administrator, is out of commission for now,  please daven for her husband: 

Yakov Shaul Ben Necha Yehudis