Sunday, May 24, 2020


We are dating Hashem!!!

These are the last few days for us to work on our relationship with Him before He gifts us with our "ring", the Torah.

This week should be filled with simcha. What actions can I do that make me feel close to Him and therefore, b'simcha.  What thoughts, words, and maybe even breathing patterns will enhance this simcha?

Here are a few questions to think about as we enter this marriage:

1. What do I want out of this marriage?

2. What can I bring to this marriage?

3. How can I make my environment feel the excitement of the pre-wedding and wedding atmosphere?

Here's a thought that makes me feel loved (but each of you should find what speaks to you).

"You Got Me" (Hashem has my back and my best interests in all moments-BH!)

Below a painting done by Batsheva Lovy:
When I look at it, I think of ;

Women receiving the Torah, each one singing their own song- receiving and shining their own lights- marrying individually and collectively.

Have a chag kasher vesameach!