Monday, July 12, 2021

Another step in the geulah from within;


All in One

By Tzvi Freeman

Naturally, we think of the Jewish people as a conglomerate of many Jews. But the Baal Shem Tov saw the Jewish people as a single, indivisible whole. 

Think of a geometrical point. A point is indivisible, but not because it is too hard, too big, or too small to cut up. A point simply has no area to be divided. That’s what makes it a point. 

And yet, from a point you can extend infinite lines radiating in infinite dimensions.

In a somewhat similar way, but far beyond, all Jews are one Jew. Which means that in any one Jew, you will find all of us—just from a different angle. 

So that whatever happens to any one of us instantaneously happens to the entire Jewish people. Not by some ripple effect or resonance. But because any one sample of the whole is the whole and the whole is one. 

And so, the Baal Shem Tov taught, when the light of any one Jewish soul breaks free, the entire nation is redeemed along with it.

And accordingly, the Rebbe wrote, the ultimate exodus of our entire people is also a personal, intimate liberation for every Jew. 

Toldot Yaakov Yosef, beg. Devarim. Michtav Klali, 11 Nisan, 5742 (Haggadah Im Biurim, vol. 2, pg. 729). 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

I have been silent...

not because my emuna is shaken

But because it's taken me a while to sort through the darkness 

and sift through the shards of broken hearts

There's a tornado -that began with covid and has been gathering momentum- 

objects are falling

people are falling

being crushed

Each person, we learn in mishna, is a whole world

I think about an individual's power

You are an entire world 

How are our thoughts, feelings, or actions crushing us-

 individually and, as a result, collectively?

I begin with my thoughts.

Throughout the day I notice negative self talk

I am crushing myself without even knowing it.

My own world is self destructing

Can I turn it around?

To rebuild- it will take going beyond 

fighting back

lifting the bricks with my bare hands

and placing them in their proper places

so that the next time I fall - it will be-

*"in love with Hashem" and each of His creations-

An indiviual's war

* Devorah Yaffa Singer stated in her Lights of Emuna workshop that instead of all this falling- we should redirect our fall to "fall in love with Hashem"- what a concept!