Wednesday, July 7, 2021

I have been silent...

not because my emuna is shaken

But because it's taken me a while to sort through the darkness 

and sift through the shards of broken hearts

There's a tornado -that began with covid and has been gathering momentum- 

objects are falling

people are falling

being crushed

Each person, we learn in mishna, is a whole world

I think about an individual's power

You are an entire world 

How are our thoughts, feelings, or actions crushing us-

 individually and, as a result, collectively?

I begin with my thoughts.

Throughout the day I notice negative self talk

I am crushing myself without even knowing it.

My own world is self destructing

Can I turn it around?

To rebuild- it will take going beyond 

fighting back

lifting the bricks with my bare hands

and placing them in their proper places

so that the next time I fall - it will be-

*"in love with Hashem" and each of His creations-

An indiviual's war

* Devorah Yaffa Singer stated in her Lights of Emuna workshop that instead of all this falling- we should redirect our fall to "fall in love with Hashem"- what a concept!

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