Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shavua Tov

It is the month of revealed miracles, nissim geluyim:

Chanukah is nearing.

Miracles are here.

Now is the time to reveal the miracle that is YOU.


Join the chaburahs this week to find out.

See numbers and assignments on the side.

Looking forward!

Love, aviva rus

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am so sorry that the conference calls did not seem to work this week.  I was on the call but could not hear you!

Here is the plan for this week and we will continue again next week at the regular times.

Da es Atzmecha- finish chapter 8; notice when you are in the act of giving, the reason you are giving.

Bilvavi 1- finish section 2- Belief in the Creator

In Forest Fields and Bilvavi 2 see avodah page.

Looking forward to next week.

Love, aviva rus

Sunday, November 18, 2012

times, numbers, and avodah and day change for Da es Atzmecha


Bilvavi part two and In Forest Fields Hisbodedus:

We are iyH meeting this week at our regular time - 945 am eastern time- the call in number is
530-881-1200 access code: 1091004#

 and avodah is: 
1. Chapter 11 in Bilvavi 2
2. 90-95 in forest fields
3. Make a list of what's holding you back from hisbodedus and create a tefilah to Hashem from it, as an offering. 

outline will iyH be posted in the outline section before we meet on Tuesday.

Da es Atzmecha and Bilvavi Book 1:

1. This week we are meeting on Tuesday at 1 eastern instead of Thursday, iyH.

dial in number: 

Israel: 972 76 599 0060
US: 209-255-1000
England: 44-0-784-843-2913
Australia: 61 1300 051 796
South Africa: 27 87 825 0150

access code: 572926

our avodah is to read chapter 8 in Da es Atzmecha and the next five sections in Bilvavi 1.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Good Shabbos!!!!

Parshas Toldos:

Hashem tells Rifka that she has two nations inside of her and:

"one regime shall become strong from the other regime" (25:23

Rashi says this means that when one rises, the other one falls.

Right now this is applicable to us in a very real way. 

Eretz Yisrael is being bombed.

What can we do about it???




NOW is the time to bring all that we have learned together into fruition.

Together, we can stop the missiles.

United with our unique LIGHTS shining through the darkness.

Kislev, the month of nissim, above teva (nature), a month of unsurpassed lights- may yours and all of klal Yisrael's be filled with JOY= deveikus to Hashem.

Love, aviva rus

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thursday Da es atzmecha and Bilvavi 1: Time change for this week


 This week I have to meet at 12:30 pm eastern time instead of 1 pm.

I have a plan.... let's finish Da es atzmecha by Chanukah.  We are approaching the time of above nature, miracles- we can do it iyH!

Please check the avodah page:

dial in number: 

Israel: 972 76 599 0060

US: 209-255-1000
England: 44-0-784-843-2913
Australia: 61 1300 051 796
South Africa: 27 87 825 0150

access code: 572926

Looking forward!!!

Love, Aviva rus
found by Reitza Sarah online.

It was amazing to learn with you today!

Thank you.

Here is our plan for avodah for this week:

November 13,2012

Chapter eleven in Bilvavi2 (Divine Providence!!!)

Pages 90-95 In Forest Fields


Hisbodedus- talk to Hashem -anything holding you back from the avodah-put on a paper and write it up as a tefilah prayer to Hashem.

Other ideas we discussed were taking the prayer about modeh ani and what it means to us and putting it by our beds.

Enjoy the journey! Yes, there is a destination -feeling and sensing Hashem every minute, but we can still enjoy knowing that even when it feels pitch black, we are in that moment to serve Hashem as well.

There is magnificence in that knowledge.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This Tuesday iyH we will resume

At 10 am instead of 945 am.

Please check the avodah page, outline page, and phone number page.

Looking forward!

It may still be a few weeks until our phone line and internet line is fixed.

Sorry for the delay.

Love, aviva rus

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Shabbos. Parshas Chaye Sarah

( I am typing this from my phone, please excuse any errors)

In this weeks parsha we suffer the loss of Sarah imeinu and Avraham avinu. 

The Tanya teaches that when a Tzadik passes away, he is even more accessible to his students because he no longer has a body that acts as a garment covering his soul. 

So, we  can still connect with our mother and father by following their ways and emulating them. The hurricane and now the snow storm are the perfect opportunity to use the chesed our parents taught us.  If you are not in the east coast, you have Shabbos approaching- and of 
course, every moment of the day can be used as chesed. “The righteous, even in death, are regarded as though they were still alive” (Berakhot 18a) because the righteous leave a living trace in those who come after them. (rabbi jonathon sacks)

Let's be the descendants they wanted us to be starting now. 

Looking forward to the geulah! And next week chaburohs, iyH!!!!

Love, aviva rus

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sent as a reminder from one of our awesome chaburah soul sisters:

You Are A Soul

Only bodies experience stress. Souls are serene. Identify with your soul; stress and tension will melt away.

Your essence is not your negative thoughts and distressful feelings. Your essence is you soul. If you are stressed, or tense, or worried, or frustrated, or upset, mentally step back and observe your thoughts and feelings. This will immediately help you gain a more objective perspective.

(From Rabbi Pliskin's book, Serenity, p.101)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Chaburah cancelled until further notice due to phone and Internet lines down. 

IyH next week we will be up and running. :-)

Please keep doing avodah and moving forward. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Shabbos-trying to do this from my phone please forgive any mistakes


I hope your week was wonderful. I missed our chaburah!

Parshas Vayeira:

This week many of us experienced the hurricane.  Some of us have little or no electricity. 

One of the many spectacular things that have come from this storm is the giving that each person is doing.   Even people with no power are helping in any way they can. 

I saw a wonderful commentary on this weeks parsha by Rabbi Jonathon Sacks about how great our  actions make us: 

R. Shalom of Belz, noted that in verse 2 the visitors are spoken of as standing above Abraham (nitzavim alav). In verse 8, Abraham is described as standing above them (omed aleihem). He said: at first, the visitors were higher than Abraham because they were angels and he a mere human being. But when he gave them food and drink and shelter, he stood even higher than the angels. We honor G‑d by honoring His image, humankind.

Five weeks left until Chanukah. We are lighting up the world by being you and being me!