Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Shabbos. Parshas Chaye Sarah

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In this weeks parsha we suffer the loss of Sarah imeinu and Avraham avinu. 

The Tanya teaches that when a Tzadik passes away, he is even more accessible to his students because he no longer has a body that acts as a garment covering his soul. 

So, we  can still connect with our mother and father by following their ways and emulating them. The hurricane and now the snow storm are the perfect opportunity to use the chesed our parents taught us.  If you are not in the east coast, you have Shabbos approaching- and of 
course, every moment of the day can be used as chesed. “The righteous, even in death, are regarded as though they were still alive” (Berakhot 18a) because the righteous leave a living trace in those who come after them. (rabbi jonathon sacks)

Let's be the descendants they wanted us to be starting now. 

Looking forward to the geulah! And next week chaburohs, iyH!!!!

Love, aviva rus

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