Thursday, March 20, 2014

Good Shabbos !

If you have time please watch this and start thinking of ideas how to join this phenomenal opportunity to help bring geulah!

How appropriate for Parshas Shmini =(8) is above nature.

Love, aviva rus

Friday, March 14, 2014

PURIM SCHEDULE for us- in case you missed the call

 These are a few ideas we discussed, pick what works for you- NO PRESSURE:)))))))

Motzai Shabbos:

Megilah reading
clean up from shabbos and re-set table
put out nuts
light 2 candles for Mordechai and Esther
say the Tehillim you took on after megilah or at...
Midnight, extra time of rachamim (30 days before Pesach) daven for everything! including a kadosh pesach- redemption seder night (if it doesn't happen before).


wake up early
megillah and daven
set aside two shaloch manos from yourself and two donations
once you have done that- you are set!- All mitzvos have been accomplished by you

what then??? well,,, keep talking to Hashem throughout the day, build your relationship, keep Him with you -
and while you are aware of Him, help everyone in need around you and ask them to help you with certain things for seudah- according to age ability...

Throughout the day stay calm, if you feel anger remember He is next to you listening to you! DAVEN for anything and everything (especially the geulah- pleeeese)

Finally Neilah=Purim Seudah!
this seudah makes up for Achashveirosh seudah debacle
SO...make it holy!

meat, seeds-nuts, candles...the works!
if you can, share a halacha about pesach at the table ("weave simcha b'simcha")
ask for anything you want from Hashem
say the Tehillim you signed up for
Consecutively (under your breath if people will question your sanity...)
say 120 times Boruch Mordechai
and say 24 times Brucha Esther bas Avichail 

And for those of you who have been learning the power of speech (in tefilah) and are interested in an idea that i hope will bring the geulah even faster- call me on my cel and i will share with you....



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Purim!!! (tonight 10 pm NY time, let's make a plan for it all!-use the number for the Da es Atzmecha class)

"...tznius and simcha are not mutually exclusive, and their union is what Purim is all about.  Tznius is a middah; it means having a relationship to that which is concealed, the inner dimension of your life, and our dress code reflects that midah."Rebbetzin Heller


The richest type of simcha comes from a place deep inside, from contact with emes, truth.

Tznius- is the ability to hear and then translate what is concealed within to the outside.

These two meet each other within in the absolute kadosh place where your neshama touches Hashem's will.


It is the day when the clarity of what is real (we are a pure neshama here to have deveikus/relationship with Hashem) that we laugh out loud at the truth that is revealed.

Chozon Ish says: Ain kol etzev l'mi shemakir et ohr haoros shel ha'emes:  There is no sadness to he(or she) who recognizes the light of the lights of truth. (thank you devorah yaffa singer for this source)

 May we be zoche to see the emes this Purim so clearly that we will know exactly what to do to experience the geulah from within and without!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Da Es Nafshecha, Sunday night at 9:30 (ny time) iyH

Part one: Chapter 3:

The Element of Water

Water is sustenance/pleasure.  

"Pleasure is what sustains one's soul"  It is essential for one's existence...the stronger you feel pleasure, the more alive you feel.

Different types of Pleasure:

1. Excessive pleasure- too much will gradually bring suffering on the neshama and may cause one to lose their ability to cope with daily life challenges.

2. Insufficient Pleasure: Makes one feel lifeless and no enthusiasm

3. Pleasure from the wrong source:  we were created to have delight in Hashem - the other pleasures won't satisfy you.

4. Proper Pleasure: Pleasure is good when it is used properly: the ideal amount is to have vitality from it as well as the ability to face challenges.

Correcting Imbalances in the Degree of Pleasure:

1. Fire can balance  too much pleasure: accept one small challenge (i.e, taking out the garbage to the street) that is not enjoyable 

2. Earth can balance too much pleasure: use restraint- limit the pleasure a bit

 Insufficient pleasure:

1. cut off the little pleasure he has to force him to fight for it (dangerous method, because what if he doesn't fight for it.)

2. figure out ways to expand the opportunities for her enjoyment. (if she likes to teach, set up classes for her to give daily)

 If nothing works (chas veshalom)

3.  seek spiritual help for him a. a tzadik, b. a friend to daven for him

Areas to find pleasure

1. Spiritual- increase this type of pleasure but need balance in this or will lose the ability to face challenges in life

2. permitted physical pleasure: Necessary, but evaluate how much you really need and how it should be taken.

3.  forbidden pleasure: attack and uproot- shut it off entirely- BUT must replace it with something else! Use wind to move to a permitted source: (ie, no more white flour, but move to whole wheat flour...)

Homework: What gives you pleasure? write a list and have it ready for Sunday night iyH, and please read the next chapter (The Element of Earth)

Good Shabbos!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Da Es Atzmecha at 12 Monday (ny time)

Chapter 4:
Gaining a Positive Self-image from the Soul

"When a person has a low self-esteem, the solution cannot come from the bodily forces.  The solution is to let the soul's light shine, and then, one will truly enjoy a positive self-concept (pg 76)".  (Elokai neshama shenasata bi...)

In other words, when you identify with your soul, you will attain positive self esteem.

This is a gift from Hashem and is not something to be arrogant about.  Recognize the truth: "I am good, because that is how Hashem created me (pg 77).

{Nefesh Hachaim: after the sin of Adam, the external aspect of evil became internalized.  We now thought evil was a part of our "I".  The moment we sin, we think the evil is a part of us, when in actuality, we are a pure soul and the evil is a garment.  Therefore, if you have negative self image, the solution is to teach ourselves that our essence is good.}

"If a person has a simple basis of emunah in Hashem, and believes that the Torah is true, he must believe that he (and all of mankind) is very good (pg 82)".

"A person should train himself to think this way at all times....No fault in the world can uproot the truth of "Hashem, the soul You placed in me is pure."(82)

Wake up your soul! How?

1. Torah and Mitzvos

2. Believe in the soul's existence

3. Contemplate "I am a neshama".

4. Contemplate the "I" is very good

This method of contemplation will expose  your soul, and since it comes from a higher realm than the body, the soul will win over the body- and you will then come to a more positive outlook. (If you see self as a body, then the body rules over the soul)- If you identify with the soul, you reveal goodness and expand its lights, and win over the power of evil within (87).

Where does sadness come from? Not from a situation, rather from not identifying with who you really are, a soul.  "Sadness applies when there is no soul." (86)  Therefore, the most intense period of sadness is when there is a body without a soul. (87)

What is true love?(connection through bodies is temporary and illusory)91

1. It comes from the neshama, no stinginess or envy involved

2. Inner love comes from your true self, the soul and creates a spiritual connection

3. two people who both see themselves as souls covered with garments=love not dependent on anything

4. deeper love= join with Hashem, eternal love, no pause in this love.

One of six constant mitzvos: ahavas Hashem: deepest pleasure comes from loving Hashem and feeling loved by Him.

So, when we remove evil and start associating and seeing ourselves as a soul, then bring forth the positive feelings, this "true world of love". (92)

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, book 1

56.   “Taste and see that Hashem is good”-when the heart knows-it tastes, then after it has “tasted” a totally different emunah is seen.

57.  Purpose of creation is so Hashem can bestow His good on us: the good is this taste-connection to Him

58.  “Thinking about Him (constantly) is the foundation of the inner life of the soul and the key to entering a spiritual life”- or else life is shallow-always remember before Whom you toil=key to unlock block of closeness to Hashem.

59.  Can take many years, but know this is why you are given time, so it's not wasted time...

60.  What is your primary thought when you wake up?

61.  There is a Creator- must have this awareness


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Chodesh!

This week and next, we will IYH meet on Sunday night at 930 pm and Monday at 12 pm.

Stay tuned for outlines....

Shavua tov!