Friday, March 14, 2014

PURIM SCHEDULE for us- in case you missed the call

 These are a few ideas we discussed, pick what works for you- NO PRESSURE:)))))))

Motzai Shabbos:

Megilah reading
clean up from shabbos and re-set table
put out nuts
light 2 candles for Mordechai and Esther
say the Tehillim you took on after megilah or at...
Midnight, extra time of rachamim (30 days before Pesach) daven for everything! including a kadosh pesach- redemption seder night (if it doesn't happen before).


wake up early
megillah and daven
set aside two shaloch manos from yourself and two donations
once you have done that- you are set!- All mitzvos have been accomplished by you

what then??? well,,, keep talking to Hashem throughout the day, build your relationship, keep Him with you -
and while you are aware of Him, help everyone in need around you and ask them to help you with certain things for seudah- according to age ability...

Throughout the day stay calm, if you feel anger remember He is next to you listening to you! DAVEN for anything and everything (especially the geulah- pleeeese)

Finally Neilah=Purim Seudah!
this seudah makes up for Achashveirosh seudah debacle
SO...make it holy!

meat, seeds-nuts, candles...the works!
if you can, share a halacha about pesach at the table ("weave simcha b'simcha")
ask for anything you want from Hashem
say the Tehillim you signed up for
Consecutively (under your breath if people will question your sanity...)
say 120 times Boruch Mordechai
and say 24 times Brucha Esther bas Avichail 

And for those of you who have been learning the power of speech (in tefilah) and are interested in an idea that i hope will bring the geulah even faster- call me on my cel and i will share with you....



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