Thursday, March 6, 2014

Da Es Nafshecha, Sunday night at 9:30 (ny time) iyH

Part one: Chapter 3:

The Element of Water

Water is sustenance/pleasure.  

"Pleasure is what sustains one's soul"  It is essential for one's existence...the stronger you feel pleasure, the more alive you feel.

Different types of Pleasure:

1. Excessive pleasure- too much will gradually bring suffering on the neshama and may cause one to lose their ability to cope with daily life challenges.

2. Insufficient Pleasure: Makes one feel lifeless and no enthusiasm

3. Pleasure from the wrong source:  we were created to have delight in Hashem - the other pleasures won't satisfy you.

4. Proper Pleasure: Pleasure is good when it is used properly: the ideal amount is to have vitality from it as well as the ability to face challenges.

Correcting Imbalances in the Degree of Pleasure:

1. Fire can balance  too much pleasure: accept one small challenge (i.e, taking out the garbage to the street) that is not enjoyable 

2. Earth can balance too much pleasure: use restraint- limit the pleasure a bit

 Insufficient pleasure:

1. cut off the little pleasure he has to force him to fight for it (dangerous method, because what if he doesn't fight for it.)

2. figure out ways to expand the opportunities for her enjoyment. (if she likes to teach, set up classes for her to give daily)

 If nothing works (chas veshalom)

3.  seek spiritual help for him a. a tzadik, b. a friend to daven for him

Areas to find pleasure

1. Spiritual- increase this type of pleasure but need balance in this or will lose the ability to face challenges in life

2. permitted physical pleasure: Necessary, but evaluate how much you really need and how it should be taken.

3.  forbidden pleasure: attack and uproot- shut it off entirely- BUT must replace it with something else! Use wind to move to a permitted source: (ie, no more white flour, but move to whole wheat flour...)

Homework: What gives you pleasure? write a list and have it ready for Sunday night iyH, and please read the next chapter (The Element of Earth)

Good Shabbos!


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