Thursday, September 17, 2020

Rosh Hashana

 Dear amazing geulah from within family,

This year has taught me so much even though we haven’t learned together as much as in the past. 

I have heard from many of you that learning has taken place in a more individual level- between each of us and Hashem. THIS is exactly what the geulah from within experience is. 

It is being able to discover Hashem speaking to us individually in each moment- either through the synchronicity of the events He causes to unfold in our lives or through the hugs and kisses we feel from Him in seemingly small ways, or even through our struggles and the small steps we take to cinnect to Him and come closer to Him through our struggles. 

We are about to be created anew on Rosh hashana. There is a segula that Rav Meilich Biterman discusses about  finishing the sefer tehillim two times on the first night of Rosh Hashana (Friday night)- that doing this will bring a salvation for whatever you may need. 

Let’s do it together with achdus. May each of you find your personal redemption this year and May we all one day meet and dance together at the third bayis. 

Thank you Reitza Sarah for creating this Link as always - linking us all together with your work :

Wishing you a Kesiva Vechasima Tova and a gut gebentched year,


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The work of Elul- believing you can:)

Adam trudged past the gates of Eden, his head low, his feet heavy with the pain of remorse.

Suddenly he stopped. Then he spun around and exclaimed, “You had this planned! You put that fruit there knowing I would choose to eat from it! This is a plot! But tell me: Why?”

There was no reply. But we have found an answer.

Without failure, we can never truly reach into the depths of our souls. Only once we have fallen can we return and reach higher and higher without end.

Beyond Eden.

Maamar Bati Legani 5731, citing Midrash Tanchuma, Veyeishev 4:1.

By Tzvi Freeman 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Elul Ba

                                           Time for Introspection.

You may say- We did that the last six months in quarantine!

But- Elul has a special power of clarity and teshuva.

Take a deep breath and make a list of what you see yourself doing, thinking, feeling, that you would like to see change.  Make a list of what you do, think, feel, that you want to hold onto this year. Thank Hashem for allowing you to have that and for giving you this opportunity to let go of what is blocking your relationship.

After introspection comes the action of the :

4 steps

Turn away from that thing that is making you feel distant from yourself and Hashem, Regret it, Apologize to yourself/soul and to Him, Plan for the future (one small step).  

Forgive yourself as you ask for His forgiveness. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020


We are dating Hashem!!!

These are the last few days for us to work on our relationship with Him before He gifts us with our "ring", the Torah.

This week should be filled with simcha. What actions can I do that make me feel close to Him and therefore, b'simcha.  What thoughts, words, and maybe even breathing patterns will enhance this simcha?

Here are a few questions to think about as we enter this marriage:

1. What do I want out of this marriage?

2. What can I bring to this marriage?

3. How can I make my environment feel the excitement of the pre-wedding and wedding atmosphere?

Here's a thought that makes me feel loved (but each of you should find what speaks to you).

"You Got Me" (Hashem has my back and my best interests in all moments-BH!)

Below a painting done by Batsheva Lovy:
When I look at it, I think of ;

Women receiving the Torah, each one singing their own song- receiving and shining their own lights- marrying individually and collectively.

Have a chag kasher vesameach!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Exactly This:

There are times He seems to be peeking through the latticework of our world, filling the day with light.
But then there are times He hides His face behind a thick wall.
We are confused. We cry out to Him, loudly, for He must be far away.
He is not far away.
The wall is His hand, and His hand is also Him.
It is Him holding us from afar, so that we may grow and accomplish on our own.  By Tzvi Freeman 

Good Shabbos and Besuros Tovos ONLY- please Hashem!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Making it really real (really!:)

"The bottom line is to reach your essence. This series guides you step by step in the process how Reaching Your Inner Redemption. Thank you my dear friend Shuli for pointing this out to me."

Bringing Him home- the geulah from within…the time is now.  

We are prepared for this- all the learning we have done together to date is now ready to be breathed into us and through us, so that every step we take is a step with Him.  IYH.

Let’s follow Rav Schwartz’s book to search for any details we may still need to incorporate. 

Thank you for joining and creating a wave of movement to IYH end this mageifa and reveal His light in ways we all perceive as good.

The bottom line for us- dear chaburah sisters -is that we began this journey many years ago and now it’s time to take it home - make it as real as it can be for each of us - every day for 10- 20 minutes there will be a zoom call that will follow the method delineated by Rav Schwartz to achieve the geulah from within. 

Lunch hour may work best for most of us. 12-12:20  

You can read along with what we will be learning by pressing on “reaching your inner redemption” above. 

Please email me  if you want the zoom number. 

Thank you,