Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Shabbos-trying to do this from my phone please forgive any mistakes


I hope your week was wonderful. I missed our chaburah!

Parshas Vayeira:

This week many of us experienced the hurricane.  Some of us have little or no electricity. 

One of the many spectacular things that have come from this storm is the giving that each person is doing.   Even people with no power are helping in any way they can. 

I saw a wonderful commentary on this weeks parsha by Rabbi Jonathon Sacks about how great our  actions make us: 

R. Shalom of Belz, noted that in verse 2 the visitors are spoken of as standing above Abraham (nitzavim alav). In verse 8, Abraham is described as standing above them (omed aleihem). He said: at first, the visitors were higher than Abraham because they were angels and he a mere human being. But when he gave them food and drink and shelter, he stood even higher than the angels. We honor G‑d by honoring His image, humankind.

Five weeks left until Chanukah. We are lighting up the world by being you and being me!  

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