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Da Es Atzmecha and Bilvavi book one: Chaburah will IYH meet at 12 pm (NY time) this Thursday


This week we are iyH going to meet at 12 (NY time) instead of 1 pm on Thursday.

I hope this will be the last schedule change for the summer.

Below is the outline of Da es Atzmecha chapter 4, and Bilvavi, sections 24-34.

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Chapter 4:

Gaining a Positive Self-image from the Soul

"When a person has a low self-esteem, the solution cannot come from the bodily forces. The solution is to let the soul's light shine, and then, one will truly enjoy a positive self-concept (pg 76)". (Elokai neshama shenasata bi...)

In other words, when you identify with your soul, you will attain positive self esteem.

This is a gift from Hashem and is not something to be arrogant about. Recognize the truth: "I am good, because that is how Hashem created me (pg 77).

{Nefesh Hachaim: after the sin of Adam, the external aspect of evil became internalized. We now thought evil was a part of our "I". The moment we sin, we think the evil is a part of us, when in actuality, we are a pure soul and the evil is a garment. Therefore, if you have negative self image, the solution is to teach ourselves that our essence is good.}

"If a person has a simple basis of emunah in Hashem, and believes that the Torah is true, he must believe that he (and all of mankind) is very good (pg 82)".

"A person should train himself to think this way at all times....No fault in the world can uproot the truth of "Hashem, the soul You placed in me is pure."(82)

Wake up your soul! How?

1. Torah and Mitzvos
2. Believe in the soul's existence
3. Contemplate "I am a neshama".
4. Contemplate the "I" is very good
This method of contemplation will expose your soul, and since it comes from a higher realm than the body, the soul will win over the body- and you will then come to a more positive outlook. (If you see self as a body, then the body rules over the soul)- If you identify with the soul, you reveal goodness and expand its lights, and win over the power of evil within (87).

Where does sadness come from? Not from a situation, rather from not identifying with who you really are, a soul. "Sadness applies when there is no soul." (86) Therefore, the most intense period of sadness is when there is a body without a soul. (87)

What is true love?(connection through bodies is temporary and illusory)91

1. It comes from the neshama, no stinginess or envy involved
2. Inner love comes from your true self, the soul and creates a spiritual connection
3. two people who both see themselves as souls covered with garments=love not dependent on anything
4. deeper love= join with Hashem, eternal love, no pause in this love.

One of six constant mitzvos: ahavas Hashem: deepest pleasure comes from loving Hashem and feeling loved by Him.

So, when we remove evil and start associating and seeing ourselves as a soul, then bring forth the positive feelings, this "true world of love". (92)

Bilvavi Book one:sections 24-34

      24. One can learn Torah and do mitzvos and still not have a :place for the light of Hashem to rest and to have Hashem dwell in their hearts”

  1. The yh tries to convince us that it is beyond our comprehension and we should wait until Gan Eden to experience closeness to Hashem or that we will feel it eventually if we keep doing mitzvos.
  2. Dovid Hamelech said :”as for me, closeness to Hashem is my good” and chazal say “there is no place devoid of Him” -how do we reconcile these two statements?!
  3. Two types of closeness: a. spatial b. familial
  4. spatial doesn't guarantee familial and familial doesn't guarantee spatial closeness/ with emotional closeness- there is closeness in the souls but may not be evident each moment

    29.spatially we are close to Hashem (no place devoid of Him), familial (we are His children), friendship (do not forsake your Friend and your father's Friend)

  5. 30.Although we are close in every way, we don't sense it or feel it.

    31.We can be spatially close to something and be unaware (germs)

    32.Can be very close to relative/friend and feel far because not aware that the person is near

    33.We are spatially, familial, and friendship close with Hashem, but don't feel it.

    34.Must toil to merit to recognize Hashem, not through intellectual knowledge, but a perception of the soul- not through abstract definitions

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