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Chaburah that meets on Tuesday at 9 am- 930 am

Bilvavi book two:

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Chapter 4:
Senses of the Soul:
Hashem can only be felt through the soul:

If you cannot sense Hashem, then you need to awaken a faculty inside of you. 

What is it and how do we wake it up???

    When chazal say that “Hashem, the Torah and the Yisrael are one”, it is taught that the Yisrael is: chelilek Eloka mimaal: the soul.

So we need to uncover our soul and maintain constant contact with it to sense its counterpart= Hashem.


Man became a living soul”- a speaking spirit

Hashem created the souls of Yisrael before He created the world. Then what was created on the sixth day? “Hashem attached the soul to a physical body”.

The result of that attachment is “man became a living soul”, which Onkeles translates as: “it was in man a speaking spirit.”

This pasuk teaches us an AMAZING SECRET: “the original connection of body and soul created within man the power of speech....speech has the ability to connect the body with the soul...thus when a person uses the power of speech properly, he can awaken the level of his being that preceded this world.”

Speech bonds the body with the life-force of the soul

(parable- man buys appliance and doesnt realize has to plug it in)

nimshal: Hashem tells us to choose life (devarim 30:15, 19); and man became a living soul shows us that life means a combination of body and soul.

The soul is present in the body, but the body conceals it. How can we expose the soul?...use the faculty that results from and enhances the bond of body and soul, the power of speech...then the soul can become revealed to us.”

Shlomo hamelech teaches “kol amal ha'adam lieihu: all a person's efforts is for his mouth. ..speech is the faculty through which one can really serve Hashem. If we overlook it, we cannot reach Him.”

Two kinds of speech:

  1. noiseless chatter 2. speech that awakens the soul

So the way to reach palpable emunah, is through the power of speech...

(next week read chapter 5 and based on this chapter and what we learned so far, begin to ask Hashem out loud: “Please Hashem enable me to live up to this truth and use speech in a way that will awaken and expose my soul.”)

In Forest Fields:

Hashem wants a relationship with us. Sometimes, He needs to get our attention and pull us close in ways that may feel painful. We can choose to have a relationship by doing hisbodedus every day and taking stock of our thoughts, speech, and actions in past 24 hours, and asking Hashem to bring us closer to Him.

Pay attention:

One who devotes an hour a day to personal prayer in on an even higher spiritual level than a person who accepts his tribulations with joy, for the former doesnt wait to be aroused by tribulations, he seeks to serve Hashem on his own accord” (56)

Start walking!
The first step to teshuva on character perfection is establishing a daily 60 min session of personal prayer and self evaluation.” and this shows that you fear Hashem.

Two types of fear: 1. of punishment 2. of losing a close relationship with Hashem, making Hashem sad= teshuva from love= can convert all transgressions into merits.

(page 60 has example of what to say)

it becomes one stop shopping, because he who fears One, fears no one- attain emunah, and a life of joy and satisfaction.

(continue with daily hisbodedus and read pages 61-66)

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