Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Shabbos!

                                   Parshas Chukos: 

If you are feeling the danger of these 63 days leading up to Tisha b'av, you are not alone.

But guess what?  In this weeks parsha we learn about two types of water, one that comes from above and one that pushes through rocks from below; the well of Miriam.

Rav Moshe Weinberger  discusses the concept of a be'er (well) and waters from below.  It is this type of struggle from below that shapes us into a wellspring of Torah and connection to Hashem.

The key is in freeing ourselves of the debris.  The rocks and dirt we fight our way through, cleanse us and shape us into pure glistening kli (vessel). A vessel that can,iyH,  deeply acquire the bond with Hashem and the pnimius (depth) of Torah.

How fitting for our chaburah that is learning to identify with who we really are, a pure soul, and dropping the mud that tries to cling to us, so that we can achieve the geulah from within (amen!) ...constant deveikus to Hashem.

Love, aviva
(shiur called: Inspired Judaism; infusing life into our Yiddishkeit)

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  1. So appropriate..and so true-this is what I neede to hear today, thank you!!