Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Hakhel:

 In the Navi (Hosheiah 2:22) we find the following touching Pasuk: “V’eirastich Li BeEmumah VeYada’at Es Hashem…[Hashem says:] ‘I will betroth you to Me with Emunah, and you will know Hashem’.”

 Rabbi Yosef Eisen, Shlita, brings a fantastic Malbim to explain just exactly what the Pasuk means: The Malbim teaches that as a direct result of our Emunah in this world, we will be zoche to ‘know Hashem’ in the future--for He will reveal to us signs and wonders, and will cause the Shechina to dwell amongst us, so that we will no longer believe in Hashem, but rather will have a Yedi’ah Berurah of Hashem--a tangible awareness--actually felt and understood by our senses! We will no longer have a kabbalah, a centuries old tradition, regarding Hashem’s existence. Instead, we will have a personal, clear and supernal awareness of His presence with us at all times. Let us daven that we need not wait much longer!

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