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Summary and outline for Tuesday at 9 am

please be prepared to give feedback re.1. two seforim at the same time- is it overwhelming? 2. how is the timer for one minute doing? 

It's amazing how the two seforim that we are learning are supporting each other and helping us achieve the sense of emunah in our hearts.  

Thank You Hashem for this gift.

In Bilvavi 2: We are learning that it is not enough to intellectually have emunah, but we must FEEL it in our hearts.

Chapter 3:

Hashem and the Jewish people- Groom and Bride:
Hashem arranges matches all day- this means the match between us and Him- He is constantly pulling us toward Him.
(how do we see this in the day to day life?)
and How can we relate to Him as we relate to a spouse who we can see and feel?
The yetzer hara (yh) wants us to believe that there is no way to find Hashem and tangibly feel Him (the yh in this way smashes our foundation of emunah).

Hashem is only felt with the heart and the neshama. (22) Just as Gan Eden we know is real dimesion of reality, so too, and even more, should the existence of Hashem be clearly perceptible to the soul.(24)

Ramchal says even in this world we must cleave to Hashem, which means that here in this world, we can sense Hashem as a real Being”

“review and contemplate these ideas- until they enter our heart and generate a deep yearning to serve Hashem”(24)

In Forest Fields: We see that the power of personal prayer is to hook us right into the ability to sense our connection to Hashem in our hearts. (we even ask Hashem in our personal prayer for this ability)

outline of pages 47-55  In Forest Fields:

Vessels of abundance: the more we daven, the more receptacles for abundance we create. Hashem wants to give and give to us, but we have to have a vessel empty enough to receive. (that's why when we pray with teshuva it creates an “especially super vessel.” (prayer 1. stimulates teshuva 2. creates a vessel for Hashem's abundance)

The Master of Prayer's people: even pray for the privilege of prayer And that Hashem help us feel the connection to Him that brings us “happiness and spiritual stimulation” (49)

  1. prayer in effect is a person's personal redemption. When a person succeeds in getting close to Hashem by way of prayer, for all practical purposes his is a redeemed person since his soul is no longer in exile. So when we pray for Hashem's assistance in helping us pray, we are actually praying for our personal redemption.”

Rav Natan of Breslov “My Moshiach has already come”. Now we see what he meant.

Don't be smug the only way to overcome the yh (yetzer hara) is to ask Hashem for help. This is what He wants us to do- an outpouring of our soul through personal prayer is the best time to do this, (also ask Hashem to put the right words in our mouth, help us enjoy and love it, and have kavana)- we need His help to keep our tefilos directed and to have success in them.

The four sons- substitute for suffering : This child doesn't wait to be punished but does a cheshbon every day to see where he can grow or tweak his ways to serve His father and feel connected to Him best. He speaks to his father and thanks him daily and tells him where he thinks he did well that day and where he wants to correct his ways. (55)

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