Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avodah for the week of 6/11/12

Chaburah on Tuesday at 9 am NY time:

1.Set a timer for one or more minutes and talk out loud to    Hashem:

“Redemption is syonymous with prayer... Moshiach's job will also be to teach people how to pray and thereby perfect their emunah” (moshiach= mesiach;one who converses: In Forest Fields)

2. please read chapter three in Bilvavi 2, and pages 47-57 in "forest fields"

3. print up this card or something that speaks to you (i.e., Hashem is re-creating us every moment/ every breath we take/ and our actual heart "who is the heart of the Jewish people? The Creator of the world" (chazal- page 13 of bilvavi 2 in original version)-

and put somewhere where you will be reminded often that:

(thank you Rachael for doing it again!)

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