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Da Es Atzmecha And Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh book 1: Monday at 12:00 NY time iyH

Da Es Atzmecha/ Getting to Know Yourself

Chapter 3
pages: 66-72

When we experience inner quiet, then comes the revelation of the presence of Hashem within us (pg 66).

To do: When feeling negative toward others go to the quiet inner self (disengage from evil in the world and connect to Hashem, 67).

(Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Moshe, Dovid- our forefathers were sheperds- seeking world of quiet- we follow in their footsteps. Matan Torah- no sounds heard not even a bird chirped (shmos raba 29:9) (pg 67).

***soul needs solitude as body needs food- it's the primary instrument for developing the soul.

"To attain this world of quiet, we must learn to quiet our thoughts" (pg 70).

To do:

Begin with 2 minutes a day- no reading or talking to anyone.  First notice where your thoughts are, and whether they are calm or noisy thoughts.  "Is the thought in the category of 'alone' or far from it?" (pg 71) If it's a thought that's very far from the "I" then just tell it that now is not the time for it, notice where your thoughts want to go. (see pages 70-71 for examples).

Havdala is the da'as that defines the proper place for each thing. (pg 71)  The self awareness of  which thoughts are related to the soul and which is a garment, comes from da'as. First separate the thoughts with da'as, then you can separate from the feelings when feeling negative toward another.

Avodah: Begin reading chapter 4, continue reminding yourself that you area  pure neshama, focus on one task a day, and spend two minutes a day with alone time like we just practiced.

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh: 

Section 2: Part 44-50

44. sole aspiration in life=to be close to and attached to Hashem. This is done by awakening the element of truth in the soul through simplicity

45. staring point in avodas Hashem= awareness there is a Creator=requires work and effort

46. this belief, there is a Creator, must be “alive in one's mind and heart at all times...the driving force of a person's life every moment, every hour”

47. Can only feel close to Him if you believe He exists.

48. 3 kinds of awareness: 
a. chochmah-know the facts on a basic level 
b. binah-understands the facts well 
c. da'as- connected to the matter and totally attached to it

49. to recognize something with your soul- need da'as- this knowledge grips your mind and heart

50. first desire to live every moment with the awareness of Hashem in your heart then in steps (later in sefer) come to your heart constantly aware of Hashem =different world, reality shifts.

avodah: continue to remind yourself that your purpose in this world is deveikus to Hashem, print up the card that states there is a Creator and read the next few pages in the sefer.

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