Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monday at 12 Ny time - IYH

This is ONLY for class 1.  BH we can meet this coming Monday! It feels like it has been a looong time.

(Class two=  time and day changed- 
Sunday nights at 930 pm ny time, starting Feb 2 IYH- 
same phone number that we have now.  I am so sorry for anyone in Israel- it will IYH be recorded- although some of the workshops will no longer be recorded)

So far we have discussed in class 1; who we are (a pure neshama) and how to identify with our real self (using our mind).

When we have done something that had a positive outcome, we should identify with it.  Whereas, if we did something that had a negative outcome, realize it came from the body, not the inner soul.

Chapter 3:

Nullifying the negative Feelings:

pages 56-66

(chapter 3 is about Havdalah: separation: the power of "alone":  associating with the inner "I")

Two categories of feelings: (pg 57)

a. feelings in relation to self

b. feelings in relation to others

Initial structure of creation: Adam was alone. This is the earliest power (now deeper in the soul) to be alone, then came Chava and the power in soul to be with others was added.

Therefore, the "I" has two aspects- outward toward people and the other part turns inward.

Question: How do we learn to associate positive feelings with the true "I", (as part of essence of soul), and dissociate from negative feelings- see them as coming from the external body= separate from the true "I"?

1. Focus: (even an angel cannot accomplish more than one task at a time) "When a person is busy with something, that should be the only thing he is doing, and nothing else should interest him)pg 62.

2. "Allow your mind to relax and take a break from the rush of life". (pg 64)- you will discover an entirely new sense of self" (pg 65) (technique ideas:use of quiet music, find a tool that helps you)

For next week, please continue reading in Da es Atzmecha chapter 3 and reminding yourself who you really are.  Try to take a minute a day to focus and allow your mind to relax.

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh - Book 1: sections 38-43 (finished Clarifying the Purpose of Life/ section 1 of book 1)

38. First decide if you want to feel attached at all times, if not, daven to Hashem that you should.
39. Ramchal: “Man is created solely to delight in Hashem and enjoy the radiance of His shechinah.”- whatever attached to in this world is mirrored in the World to Come.

40. Take as much time as you need to recognize your life is solely for deveikus to Hashem.

41. Many err and think if I learn Torah and keep mitzvos closeness will come automatically

42. (pomegranate seeds) deeds are empty from each other with nothing unifying them” “What is this inner element? Deveikus to Hashem! Torah and mitzvos have one inner goal, which is closeness and deveikus to Hashem.” 

43.What will we do if at the end of our life we wake up and see we haven't experienced closeness to Hashem? Therefore, “examine oneself well and be very skeptical, whether his way is genuine or not...ultimately each person must choose a definite path that will bring him deveikus to Hashem, and ask Hashem to constantly help him find the correct path that is suited for his needs.”
 -end of section 1-
For next week begin reading section 2: Belief in the Creator and keep on looking at the card of your choice....MY purpose in this world is to have deveikus to Hashem!

Looking forward to Monday :) Good Shabbos!

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