Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Due to your feedback (thank you for it!!!), we are going to review what we have done so far this coming Monday. 

( In class 2 (at 12:45) please also finish reading chapter 1 in Da es Nafshecha.)

iyH i am going to send Shira (thank you administrator!) an awesome article about the 4 elements which we are currently learning about in class 2 so that she can send it out to all of you who may find it as fascinating as i do. (thank you Reitza Sarah! for sending it to me).

Parshas BO - leaving Mitzrayim!!!

Why does Hashem say bo and not leich (go) to Pharo?

Bo- is a lashon (form of speech) where the Shchinah is embedded into it, meaning Moshe should go to Pharo in the same way he is connected to the Shchina while speaking to Hashem, so too, when he leaves Hashem to walk to Pharo, he should carry Hashem with him. (Rav Weinberger)

This is a real lesson to us! Every moment we also have the opportunity to bring Hashem into the moment (no matter what environment we may find ourselves in).  

(In fact, if you read the article that Shira will iyH send to you, you can add the fifth and final loshon of redemption from Mitzrayim - 'veheveiti- and I will bring you'.  Notice the word Bo is in this word.  

Why is this the final word of redemption?

I think it's because our final step in the geulah process is to fuse all four elements (see article and the outlines of sefer we are learning in class 2) with the Shchina and thereby, sense Hashem and connect to Him in every breath we take!)

May our exodus from the darkness of Mitrayim this week bring us to this extraordinary place, one with Hashem in all we do.

Good Shabbos!

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