Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good Shabbos!

This Monday, IYH, class 1 will be continuing in Da es Atzmecha (chapter 3) and Bilvavi 1(40-50 section) at 12 ny time.

Class two is on break for the next two weeks.

I learned a beautiful idea last year about the word Vayaseiv  in this weeks Parshas Beshalach (13:18)

Vayaseiv Elokim: Vayaseiv has three meanings: turn, surround, lean. (from MK)

Hashem turned us away from Mitzrayim and its terrible distractions, surrounded us with His love,  and finally leaned us into Him.

This one word models the actions we need to take to sense Hashem in our lives and feel His love for us.

1. Turn away from distractions
2. Notice, in this moment, Hashem's love that surrounds you
3.  Take a step toward Him to lean on Him with bitachon (your actions will show where your emunah is)

In this way we can feel His infinite love for us and try in some small way to express ours for Him.

(Another way to show our love
Rav Shtainman shlita said that kedushas shabbos begins from chatzos. Many women run to light the candles at the last moment or after the last minute. This is very wrong. Those women who are ready 10 minutes before and wait for shabbos and show her love and respect will gain the reward of all those who should honor shabbos. Because they atone for the others.The prayers and requests of those 10 minutes will be answered-that's rav Shtainman shlita's promise.)

May your Shabbos be filled this feeling!

Love, aviva rus

Myriam sent me the idea of vayaseiv last year and this year she sent me Rav Steinman info above- thank you Myriam- from all of us!

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