Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Shabbos!

Parshas Pekudei:

Why does the Torah speaks at such length about the Mishkan?

"The cheit ha’eigel distanced Klal Yisrael from Hashem".  Therefore, much is needed to bridge the gap.

"When people are close, a word, a small gesture, suffices to convey what they mean; when people are distant, it is much harder to communicate". (Kotsker Rebbe quoted in Divrei Chaim= He goes on to discuss Megilas Esther along this same theme;

"It’s interesting that Megillas Esther will still be with us (in geulah time period).  Of all the seforim in Tanach, Megillah stands out for it’s not once mentioning G-d’s name.  There is also no overt miracle mentioned in the Megillah; there is nothing in the story that stands out and announces itself as G-d’s handiwork.  I think this also fits with the same yesod of the Kotzker.  When you are so close to someone, less needs to be said.  G-d doesn’t need to put his name in the Megillah; G-d doesn’t need to jump out of the story and announce himself to us.  We know he is there anyway. ")

This is exactly what we are doing.  

We are learning how to see Hashem in every 'small' encounter, in every breath we take, through uncovering who we really are (a pure neshama!).  

We are learning about our uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses, so that we can become balanced; inside and out, in order to have a constant real relationship with Hashem, one where "Hashem doesn't need to jump out and announce Himself.  We know He is here.")

IyH in this way we access our inner will, the space in our neshama that is aligned with Hashem's will.  
 May we be zoche to know HE is here every moment.

Self awareness is the first step.

love, aviva rus

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