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Da Es Nafshecha: Getting to Know Your Soul: IYH Tonight, 9:30 pm ny time

Chapter 2:
Working with the Element of Wind:

None of the elements exist alone.  Within each one you will find the other three.

Wind is the deepest of the elements; the "energy that makes everything else work".

The three elements of fire, water, and earth give form to wind. Hence, wind, the most fundamental element, acts according to the element that channels it.

In order to motivate yourself or others; 
1. identify the dominant element
2. then see how to use wind; will and excitement to move them

Wind with Fire: 
Fire becomes magnified with movement so use when you feel inspired to grow.  On the other hand, if a person with fire loses his will to act, must awaken his wind- his will.  Motivate him by pointing out opportunities for him to use his fire- he needs challenges and struggles that excite him.

Wind with Water:
If feeling lifeless, a person with a strong element of water needs an opportunity to sustain others to re-awaken herself- then her wind/excitement/ will awaken-she needs a way to give to others.

Wind with Earth:
A person with a strong element of earth needs to work on projects that feel stable, then his wind or excitement, will awaken-he needs stable work and a secure company.

Wind that is too strong causes one to be too active and never can be calm- first find the persons dominant element; which of the above three speak to you?  Then use earth to create stability and structure and order.

The fifth element: (the deepest way to balance too much wind)

Ayin: nothingness="the unmoving element that gives life".

Finding vitality from peace and calm (as opposed to needing a vacation from the vacation).

"There is a place of inner peace inside of you that is a source of vitality."

 Hashem is found in a "subtle quiet voice". "Silence is the real source of existence.

Begin to adjust your activity based on the quiet place within you.  Then you will know how active you should be.  Inner peace also reawakens a sense of vitality.  It is the ability to view yourself from the outside- with this element "we transcend ourselves and can look deep down from above" and thereby, find your primary element, that force that is most active in you.

This is hard to do if you are immersed in the movement of your wind.

Getting to the source:

"For real insight into yourself, you must see not the branches of your midos, but their roots."

That way you can end a negative midah at the outset rather than wait until there are many branches that have been created from it.

avodah: begin reading chapter 3, ask yourself which element speaks to you, and find a place of quiet within yourself.

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