Monday, February 10, 2014

Today at 12 iyH: Da es Atzmecha and Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh book 1

Da Es Atzmecha:
Getting to Know Yourself:
Chapter 4:

Gaining a Positive Self-image from the Soul

"When a person has a low self-esteem, the solution cannot come from the bodily forces.  The solution is to let the soul's light shine, and then, one will truly enjoy a positive self-concept (pg 76)".  (Elokai neshama shenasata bi...)

In other words, when you identify with your soul, you will attain positive self esteem. 

This is a gift from Hashem and is not something to be arrogant about.  Recognize the truth: "I am good, because that is how Hashem created me (pg 77).

{Nefesh Hachaim: after the sin of Adam, the external aspect of evil became internalized.  We now thought evil was a part of our "I".  The moment we sin, we think the evil is a part of us, when in actuality, we are a pure soul and the evil is a garment.  Therefore, if you have negative self image, the solution is to teach ourselves that our essence is good.}

"If a person has a simple basis of emunah in Hashem, and believes that the Torah is true, he must believe that he (and all of mankind) is very good (pg 82)". 

"A person should train himself to think this way at all times....No fault in the world can uproot the truth of "Hashem, the soul You placed in me is pure."(82)

avodah: continue reading chapter 4 and practicing the alone time 2+minutes.

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh book 1
Section 2 Belief in the Creator
parts 50-55
(we will do this in two weeks- we did not have time on this past weeks call...)

  1. 50.
     first desire to live every moment with the awareness of Hashem in your heart then in steps (later in sefer) come to your heart constantly aware of Hashem =different world, reality shifts

  1. 51.Inner sincerity and deep sense of purpose when live with thoughts of Hashem constantly and brings an inner strength that permeates his entire spiritual composition- become a different person

  1. 52. a great treasure to think about Hashem constantly-but first must toil to realize this=Hashem's will that it works this way

  1. 53.Vilna Gaon- great pain for soul to see what it didn't accomplish-if live with closeness to Hashem all the time-higher place in Gan Eden bec that's it's inner essence.

  1. 54.Chazon Ish: “the main thing is to remember before Whom you toil” many work hard but miss the main point.

  1. 55.(food parable:outside body versus inside body)_our avodah is to make sure the knowledge that all that I do is for connection to Hashem- becomes seeped into our heart- not intellectual knowledge, but heart knowledge, to give vitality and energy- emunah sustains you.

avodah: remind yourself regularly "there is a Creator Who created me!"

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