Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rosh Chodesh Kislev; Good Chodesh!

Tommorrow there will be class iyH.

We will iyH review chapters 25, and 26 and begin chapter 27.

Here is the outline for chapter 27, see previous outlines for the other chapters (and the side tab for phone numbers).

Chapter 27: Proper and Improper Motives

Contemplating each ratzon:

Three wills inside of us:
1. Innermost: Hashem's will (the point of Shechina that rests in the neshama)

2. inner will of the "I"; = "our will is to do Your will"

3. outermost: opposite of Hashem's will, chas veshalom (nefesh habeahaimis and yetzer hara)

We must become intimately familiar with each of these layers inside of us to properly work on our midos and deepen our relationship with Hashem.

ie, anger: examine each act
1. clarification: which will wants the anger
2. daven to Hashem to do the proper and sincere deeds (also identify the positive acts that are performed with the wrong motives)
3. perform each act lishmah: through transition period

Take one step at a time, begin with lo lishmah and slowly mix with lishmah, until eventually it is mostly lishmah, until one day iyH, totally lishmah. (we cannot jump levels, no short cuts...too bad :()
Daven that the lishmah becomes the predominant force.

 (let's read paragraph on page 234 strengthening the power of lishmah in the soul)

Looking forward, aviva rus


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