Tuesday, November 5, 2013

our avodah for this week

 Please finish reading chapter 27 in Bilvavi 2.

Please start working with this avodah. 

Step 1.  Know intellectually that there are three wills inside of you and that your true one is to do Hashem's.

Step 2. Feel in your heart that your will is to do Hashem's will.

Step 3. daven to internalize and  feel your true will.

Step 4. pick a midah that you want to work on.

Step 5. Before acting to do that midah, PAUSE, 

Step 6. Notice why you are doing it and what Hashem's will and your inner will are(eating because hungry and need energy or other reason...)

Step 7. Ask Hashem to help you feel  your true ratzon.

Step 8.  Either do the midah or not, but at least you are now doing it consciously.

Step 9. (thanks to chaburah member advice below)) Commend yourself because the steps are all we can do, the results are up to Hashem.

Eventually we want to come to the place of hearing our inner will so clearly that our outer has no hold over us.  

We are davening for the clarity and strength to become total lishmah in our service of Hashem.

Please call or email me with any questions! aviva rus

 Here is how one of our chaburah sisters works with this avodah- she also added that if moshiach comes before our siyum, it can be at her place in Eretz Yisrael (THANK YOU!) I underlined some crucial parts that i always forget to do in this avodah:)

"When I started this exercise, I found this hard and very slow.  If I could remember ONE time a day to implement it, I felt it was a success.  At the end of the day, I tried to go over different things that happened during the day and replay them using this exercise until eventually I found myself thinking through the steps as I made my decisions.

I also came at it a little differently.  I would stop and ask myself FIRST: will this act bring me closer to Hashem or will it improve my avodas Hashem or will it make it easier to serve Hashem? or not?

THEN I would ask myself: do I really want to do this? (What is my neshama’s ratzon) It is obvious what my outer ratzon is.

Next I try to strengthen my inner ratzon. If I cannot overcome my outer ratzon, I look to see if there are other options/compromise.

no matter what the outcome, I commend myself for remembering and delaying the decision to give me time to work. "

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