Monday, November 11, 2013



It is brought down by Rav Chaim Vital who quotes from the Sefer, “Bris Menucha” that in the 9th year of yovel, in the 9th month of that year –which is Kislev, on the 9th day of that month, in the 9th hour of that day; and in the 9th minute of that day-it is a tremendous eitz rotzon.-the shaarei shomayim open up for all bakoshos- everything and anything. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday is that day at 1:44- 1:53 pm Israel time, from 6:44 to 6:53 a.m NY time/ (5:44 to 5:53 AM Chicago Time)  according to Rav Shmeul Halevy Wosner, shlit'a.

If you are awake, call in to the chaburah phone number and we can say tehillim together.

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