Sunday, November 17, 2013

"If one man can kill six million Jews, then one man can save six million Jews." Rav Noach

IyH, We are about to complete our sefer.
In it we have learned the steps we can take to reveal who we really are, from the inside out; becoming the one man that can save six million by beginning within.

I was looking at the final chapters in Bilvavi 1 and Bilvavi two and i think something amazing is about to unfold before our eyes.  I hope will be as life changing for you as it has been for me B'H.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, book 1

"One should understand that the purpose of everything is the awareness of Hashem's presence nearby... One should know that this avodah is not as difficult as it may seem at first.  It is a matter of habit.  If one will accustom himself to follow our instructions with simplicity and consistency, he will definitely earn the privilege to live this way."

Section 8


When you feel you have attained the feeling that Hashem is right near you, the next avodah is hiskalelus in the Infinite:(3 steps)

1. simple emunah in the concept: "Hashem and Yisrael are one," until you sense it in your heart (not intellectual thought) feel as if "i am part of Hashem"

2. Only deal with the i/self as required to fulfill Torah, and make a daily spiritual accounting.  At all other times one's thoughts are only on Hashem, not on the self. (can think about created beings in order to acts of kindness etc, essence of soul is absorbed with Hashem= deveikus has an i that cleaves to Hashem, but hiskalelus, one is not involved with the i, only with Hashem.

a. contemplate the greatness of Hashem, His actions, 

b. simple thought about the existence of Hashem. (a person is where his thoughts are:become integrated into Hashem when thinking of Him- no complex thoughts here)

3. attachment to the concept of "there is literally nothing else other than Him"

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, book 2:

Chapter 28: 


Doing without questioning:

We all have questions in life but the truth is the "whole world is one big question.

1. a mortal cannot understand Hashem or His ways.

2. we are here for a limited time, let's use every moment to serve Hasehm and He has not commanded us to ask such questions (waste of time!)

Comprehending that I cannot comprehend:

Our hearts want to understand, so in the beginning, we ask questions and give answers.  THIS IS NOT THE GOAL, just a way to calm the heart while you are on the path.

A good question could be; what should i learn from this thing that happened to me, in order to grow...

However, this avodah begins with understanding that we cannot understand and this is the opposite of our heart's deepest desire to be a lev meivin (understanding heart).  So this is a nullification of a creative being's natural yearning.  "To the  extent that one nullifies himself and literally becomes his emunah, he is no longer a separate creation, but rather an agent of the Creator."

Many people say they see they don't understand but in their hearts contradict that statement!

"Be simple- with Hashem your G-d"

The simple person yearns only to do the will of Hashem, even without knowing the reasons.

Next week, we will iyH finish the final few pages, discuss how this all ties into Chanukah, and make a plan for how we can use the lights of Chanukah to ignite this feeling within us in the deepest possible way.

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