Sunday, October 27, 2013

23rd of Cheshvan

 Sorry, the line was broken so we could not have class live today.  Below is what we were going to speak about.  

Please begin to add on while noticing your two opposing wills, speaking out loud (daven) that your inner ratzon begins to emerge from potential to  actual and read chapter 27.

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh:

Review of chapter 25:

The Essence of the "I"

We spoke last week about the three wills inside of us:
1. Hashem's will
2. our will that wants to do Hashem's will
3. our will that opposes Hashem's will

When Adam Harishon sinned, the soul was placed in a situation where "good and evil are intermingled (and evil dominates over good). ...It is more difficult to remove a person from his current state than it is to keep him where he is...this is the constant struggle between the body and the soul...after the cheit the body became dominant."

Chapter 26:

First step:
-identify your inner forces - awaken through contemplation KNOW THAT YOUR WILL IS TO DO HASHEM'S WILL.

-during the time you do hisbodedus or contemplation, think about why you are doing what you are doing; is it coming from your will that wants to do Hashem's will?

- if you are about to daven or learn Torah, etc, but don't feel like doing it- say " I am sure that i really want to please You, and i believe that i have such a ratzon deep down, even thought i don't feel it!"

At first the ratzon's will be a mixture but when you work with each one to reveal it's true nature, then you can begin to work with it.

Meaning: By focusing on the ratzon to do Hashem's will (and "contemplating that the neshama contains such a will" it will begin to surface.  Otherwise, you can hardly hear your will that  wants to do Hashem's will.

Second Step:
- instill emunah in the heart through thoughts and speech: EMUNAH IN THIS RATZON

"before each action, spend a moment in thought and clarify to yourself that you have a true ratzon to do the will of your Creator by fulfilling the 613 mitzvos...

Third step:

DAVEN;TEFILLAH that this ratzon will emerge from potential to actual

"Hashem, I am certain that You have given me the ability to do your Will, but I don't feel it.  Please help me to sense this ratzon openly in my soul"

Bottom line: all of the above steps must be taken to get out of the intellect and begin to FEEL "our will is to do Your will" in our neshama.

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