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Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh; Book 2

Chapter 25

The Essence of the I:

Background information:

Before the sin of Adam Harishon, the yetzer hara existed externally from us. (Nefesh Hachaim)

After the cheit, it became internalized.

First step is to notice what is the yetzer hara voice inside of you and which is the yetzer tov voice inside of you.

How does this effect our avodah?

The human personality is made up of three layers:
1. Hashem's will (deepest point of ratzon)
2. the covering that is the will of "I" to do Hashem's will
3. the covering that is the will to oppose Hashem's will (chas veshalom)

If we have the same ratzon as Hashem, we feel as one and can sense Hashem.

Chapter 26: 

"Our will is to do Your will" 
How do we come to this space?

using the example of eating chocolate cake for pleasure:
 Step 1:

First, examine your two wills (ie, the part that wants the chocolate cake and the part that wants to eat healthy)

Realize the desire for eating the chocolate cake is the outer will (number 3 above).

Then, take the food in hand and say: "I know my inner will does not want this, but my outer will does...and right now i am controlled by my outer will more...I don't have the strength to fight it because my inner will is not strong enough.  Therefore, i will eat the food.  It is clear to me that my true ratzon is not to eat, but i cannot yet overcome the outer ratzon; therefore, i will eat".

This will break habitual eating.

It will make you pause and think, "Is this helpful for my avodas Hashem or not?"

Then ask yourself "what do I truly want?"

With this clarity you can begin to expose the "I" of your neshama to gradually rule over the "I" of your body.

Slowly, your inner spiritual desire will become more at the forefront. iyH.



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