Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Insights from YOU- (class this week was l'iluy nishmas Rochel Leah bas Chaim Asher Hacohen)

Thank you for the feedback and amazing insights you each are sharing with all of us- Here are a few, keep them coming please!

"My talking to Hashem out loud is really enriching. A lot of mornings I take a walk around a lake near us, right in front of the public high school, and it's a perfect time to do that. I try to introspect about what's going on with me from the day before and also set my intention for the day. The conversation is especially helpful if there is something bothering me, because I can share it with Hashem and then I don't feel the need to speak about it anymore with someBODY."

"A tool I use is Tehillim. I find that saying tehillim first thing in the morning gives me siyata d’shmaya... say at least one perek of tehillim before you davan shachris in the morning.  It can be the same perek every morning (even the two liners)... Tehillim said on a regular basis has potential for great siyata d’shmaya." 

"One of the tools from Bilvovi for dealing with suffering which I use whenever appropriate: “Hashem, I know this is for my good. Please help me to feel all this deep in my heart.“   I have found that the key is to know that it is good NOW and not that it will turn out to be good...."

"Comment on Homework:  I have found that the easiest/best time to review the day is in the evening before or after saying shema... it does not have to take very long.  I then can ask Hashem to help me do better tomorrow or for whatever else I might need help with.  I also avoid the problem of trying to remember what went on yesterday ... besides, night-time is one of the times that is conducive to tshuvah."

Just to make us really passionate about working with fear of Hashem, i want to share what i learned this morning in Nefesh Hachaim:

Rav Shimon Bar Yochai: 

Yirah is the gate to enter into emunah and on this commandment all else stands.

Other classes for more growth:

If you want an emunah workshop that takes you from intellect/ Torah sources to emotion/ feeling it in your heart, Devorah Yaffa Singer is giving her Lights of Emunah workshop starting next week (see her website G-ddirectTorah.com)

If you want to rev your elul month with clarity and purpose; join Rav Nivin's chaburah starting soon  (see his website newchabura.com)

If you want to learn about avodas Hashem from within the sefer Chovos Halevavos, join Rav Cable's chaburah, email me for that info (aviva@aberman.net)

I think that covers it for now!

Loving every minute of learning with you! Thank you!aviva rus

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