Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Avodah: and see the bottom for information on future classes.

Speak out loud to Hashem five minutes a day:
Begin with one minute of gratitude (even thank Hashem for our troubles which we know bring us closer to Him- page 139 In Forest Fields).
Then move on to teshuva.
Finally, ask for clarity 
(and for help on working on fear of Hashem-see Bilvavi 2 end of chapter 16 for advice on what words to use)

Quieting the thoughts:

One minute a day:
Use any of the three ideas we learned to begin to become aware of your thoughts and see if you can quiet them for even a few seconds!

Reading for next week:
Bilvavi 2:  /chapter 17; The ways to acquire fear of punishment
In Forest Fields: pages 139-149 
Jewish Meditation; Chapter 2: Why Meditate?

Over the next few weeks, I am unable to teach the class.  However, I will continue to post the outlines and avodah so that everyone can keep progressing, IYH.  Feel free to email me with any questions and i will iyH post the questions answers as well.
  I am so sorry. aviva rus

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions for Rav Schwartz (author of Bilvavi) - He will iyH be giving another class via phone, please email all questions to me in advance so that the chaburah can be run more efficiently.  Date and time is not yet decided.

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