Monday, June 24, 2013

17th of Tamuz

The gematria of 17 is tov- good.  

So we know this start of the three weeks is good.  

The question is, how do we tap into the good???

Well,,,, we just learned that with emuna our tefilos will be answered.

1. Believe that everything Hashem does is good and thank Him for all the good you have

2. Daven from that place of emuna

3. Ask yourself as often as possible, "am i doing the will of Hashem in this moment?"

                                                          (thank you Reitza Sarah- you are amaaaaazing!)

4. when you catch yourself veering from His will- do teshuva

5. Request clarity to see the good in everything and everyone- (we are not asking why is this happening to us, rather, what should i learn from this to deepen my relationship with You, Hashem.)

Use our six minutes a day to focus on the five things above.

I am getting some feedback that it feels like we are moving fast.  It is true.  However, we are learning the foundation now and are taking small steps to make our foundation solid.  

We are practicing hisbodedus, speaking out loud to Hashem, in a focused internal way... which makes it a verbal structured meditation.

In fact, we are implementing all of the areas we are learning about, with our six minutes.  It may seem vast right now, but as soon as it becomes more routine, it will feel like we have been doing it all our lives...i hope ;)

Please email me if you would like to review for a few minutes next week everything we have done until now.

A wonderful chaburah sister emailed me this re when can we feel excited according to Torah?!

Therefore when David said: "My soul, praise (Halleli) Hashem" he intended: "My soul, about what should you be ex­cited? About Hashem, and solely about Him. Awake and study His wisdom, power and kindliness, for that is your purpose in life. Only that which pertains to Him merits enthusiasm; but for all other matters: calmness!" (Awake, My Glory by Rav Avigdor Miller)

May your fast be easy and meaningful,
May we meet in Eretz Yisrael and see the good clearly- NOW!

Love, aviva rus

Correction to homework - it is chapter five (NOT 6) In Forest Fields that we are supposed to read- sorry about that and thank you to diligent chaburah member who made sure i checked! ;)

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