Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good Shabbos!

Look what my cook book just showed me! (pg 93: Naturally Breslov Cooking)

It reminded me of our chaburah and how much thunder we are generating by speaking out loud to Hashem for five minutes a day.

Furthermore, I want to thank you because in this week's parsha, Korach, Moshe teaches yehoshua the difference between power and influence.  Korach was seeking power, whereas Eldad and Meidad, were looking to influence. (see article by Rav Jonathon Sacks in  

The outcome of power is like that of a king, it dies when he does.  However, influence (like that of nevi'im) spreads, even more so after the death of a kadosh person.

My dear chaburah sisters, all that you share with me about your growth in avodas Hashem is creating a tremendous influence on me.  I feel so lucky to be a part of your inner -soul- circle.  (some of your words; "this avodah is like following a recipe"; " I can see how the more one does out loud the more " real" the relationship could feel")

Thank you and may your influence shake the world around so everyone can feel the love of Hashem with the same passion as you, 

love, aviva rus

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