Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Chaburah Sisters,

The end of days is the time when the ultimate battle is fought.

It is a battle of emunah. (listen to shiurim by Rav Tatz on this topic)

We are engaged in this battle right now.  Each in our own way.

Thank you for joining me in completing Sefer Tehillim daily, for our boys.

Our unity is bringing the geulah ever closer.

As we know, our tefilos are never in vain, even if the answer is no.

The answer no is the opportunity to look within and find what message Hashem is giving only you.

It is part of your personal journey with Hashem.

One thing I am certain of is that our oneness and love for one another should stay strong.  Forget about past grievances.  Right now.  You have the chance to bring kiddush Hashem into the world.

Rather than letting a "no" dishearten you, use it to tap into your emunah even deeper.

Hashem, we believe all You do is for the good and is absolutely good.  We strengthen ourselves together and believe in You even stronger.

We will not let go of our love for You.  It is more powerful than any "no".  It has existed from the moment our father Avraham chose you.  And it will continue.


Aviva Rus

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