Monday, June 23, 2014

Review of Thoughts:

1. Identify with your pure neshama. Where our thoughts are =  where our neshama is.

2. Notice your thoughts: are they positive or negative?
do they make you feel connected to Hashem?

3. If not, direct your thoughts toward Hashem:

(new graphic by Reitza Sarah)

Pick the Pasuk or phrase that uplift your thoughts and repeat it over and over...


4. Slowly you will notice the negative thoughts when they arrive and know and feel that you absolutely don't want to think thoughts that put you in an unhappy place- 
 you can then cut it out of your mind
and choose the thread to sew you (your neshama) to Hashem

Looking forward to hearing feedback over the next two weeks, 
(how this is avodah is working for you)
Love, aviva rus

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