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Da es Atzmecha: Getting to Know Your Self

Monday at 12 ny time iy'H

All learning is in the zchus of bringing back our boys:

Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim, 
Eyal ben Iris Tesurah,
Yakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah  

Bullet Points for

Chapter 6

Purifying the thoughts

Problems of Negative Thoughts:
  1. a person may suffer from them
  2. soul may be affected through recoiling from it or getting used to it
  3. Rambam: a person exists where his thoughts are: true perspective- we are neshama=so actually where his thoughts are.
See example on bottom of page 117- Kav Hayashar

“Thinking about something negative causes a person to take his “I” and put it in an evil place” (118)

Different kinds of evil thoughts:
  1. negative thoughts about yourself
  2. bad thoughts that come from seeing outside event and makes impression on your mind
  3. thoughts that come from something you hear
  4. imagination

How to uproot a negative thought:
  1. become more self aware: know you are a neshama and evil thoughts disturb your real “I”
  2. set aside time to give free reign to thoughts:
  3. ask self if identify with the thought or not- good thoughts should be noted as positive
  4. when identify evil thought ask self if you want to be like the contents of those thoughts, if not, cut them away as with “scissors... consciously disconnect from the negative thought.”
Easier to separate self from negative feelings and actions and then from thoughts.

When you become aware of your thoughts and gradually correct them, the negative thoughts will gradually weaken.

Through avodah of improving actions, feelings, and thoughts= our will (subconscious) begins to be revealed in conscious thought.

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