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Chapter 7 of Da Es Atzmecha- Tomorrow at 12 NY time, IY'H

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Chapter 7: 

The Way toward Inner Unity with all Creations:

Our goal:

Hamtakah: unity: first with the Jewish people, then with all people, then with all creation

Absolute unity can only exist when a person sees himself as a soul- the power of uniting comes through exposing neshama in a person.

First, subjugate and separate from the evil within (thoughts, speech, or action) then unite-


Through giving. 

Ask yourself : “Is this thought, feeling, or act for the sake of giving?” (pg 130)

If you are looking to take, you are associating with the root of separation in the world versus looking to give and associating with the root of unity.

“If his perspective is to give (in actions, thoughts, and feelings) able to unite with the positive aspect of everything in his must analyze intention in all acts”

Unity is a return to our original state= no need to create unity it comes from getting rid of our desire to take ( the root of destruction).

In this world we have to take sometimes (ie, salary) but if his attitude is I am making money to give to family- that's giving.

Homework: Daily self accounting on were my acts really for taking or for giving? (the soul wants to give- contemplate that you exist in order to give)


The following was forwarded by Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein ​Shlita ​the head Rabbi of the council in Ramat Elchanan in B’nai Brak.

There are five mitzvos d’Or​y​sa that we can perform upon hearing the siren blast in Israel:

1) Implant in our heart​s​ Ein Od Milvado – It is all from Hashem Yisborach. Every rocket has an address – trust in Hashem. Rabbeinu Yonah ztk’l writes in his sefer Shaare Teshuvah that when ​we experience distress or sorrow – ​we should implant trust in ​our hear ​​t​s​ that yeshuat Hashem can come at any moment, as is ​also written time and time again throughout perkei Tehillim.

2) At the moment the siren sounds recite perkei Tehillim and pray that it does not harm any Jew. By doing so we are mekayem the mitzvah d’Orysa: when a person experiences troubles we should pray to HKBH that He save us ​ from our sorrows​.

3) During these moments we should experience heerhurei teshuvah, thoughts of teshuvah, as taught by the Rambam when a person find himself in times of trouble, and more so when the ​entire ​Jewish nation is experiencing collective sorrow we should plead with Hashem​ and do teshuvah.

It is a special time to recite the​ verse ​, “Atah ​Tzaddik ​al kol habah ahlay ki Emes Asseesa v’Ani hershatee ( ​You are just in all that happens, as ​Your ways are Emess but I am the one who s​trayed).​”​ This is a segulah to nullify all harsh judgments.

4) After the rocket has been fired ​and/​or fallen onto open fields and B”H no one has been harmed​,​ there is another positive mitzvah: “To praise Hillulim and Tishbachot (songs of praise and appreciation) to Hashem Yisborach”. Rav Zilberstein Shlita added that the pasuk in Tehillim ​(35:18​)​ is especially appropriate “Odcha b’kahal rav, b’ahm atzoom a’Hallelecha ( ​I will publicly acknowledge You in a great congregation, I will praise You in a mighty throng)”
The gematria​a​ of this pasuk is 5774.

5) Open your doors to those in need of shield and shelter from the rockets. If a person finds herself in the streets during a rocket siren and is looking for cover inside a building structure, open your doors to another Jew ​(verify this first) ​who is in danger. ​If you can, i​nvite other families who reside in the South to stay with you in quieter neighborhoods. ​ With that you are fulfilling the positive mitzvah of “Lo sa’amod ol dam re’iecha (​You shall not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor )” and also the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim.

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