Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The shiur by the Rav from this past Sunday. plus a shiur for men!!!

Starting this coming Sunday,(motzi shabbos in the US)  Rabbi Schwartz will be starting a monthly MEN’S PHONE CHABURAH.  This chaburah is free and the access numbers are attached and also on the homepage  The chaburah will be at 11:00pm EST motzi shabbos; 6:00 am IST.  Please let your husbands know!  Anyone living outside of the US or Israel who would like the access code for their country can email Devorah Yaffa Singer. Contact me for her email address.


Live Call in Numbers

From U.S.: +1 424-203-8405
Participant Access Code   280927

  • Host access code:   (For Rav Schwartz and Rav Cohen only)   561855

From Israel:  076-599-0060
Participant Access Code 280927

Free Conference Playback
From U.S.:   1-209-255-1099
(Same access code as above)
From Israel:  076-599-0069

(Same access code as above)

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