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Outline for Monday, may 5

 Da Es Atzmecha: Getting to know Your Self
Chapter 5:
Eradicate Desire and find Joy:

(ratzon-ratz-run- quick movement to acquire something)

There are two places to find joy:

1. you can find joy in acquiring something you don't own yet that you have ratzon for.

2. joy from your own existence; the natural state of a person is to be happy- when want things other than that, ratzon- removes the joy from a person's soul(97).

Become aware that "uprooting desire will uncover a more peaceful and happy world" (99)

How? When see self as a neshama that lacks nothing, no longer feel the need to acquire things.

Rambam: Happiness does not reside in things that are external to a person, but within. There true pleasure, joy, and peace exist.

Chazal: (avos 6:4) "Eat bread with salt, and drink a measured amount of water, sleep on the ground, and live a life of deprivation. If you do so, you will be happy in this world, and in a good state in the next world." 

Why shouldn't we take pleasure from food in this world? The root of the problem is not that he eats, but that he desires (105).

Desire is like suicide: It clouds our clarity of what is important in this world.

What is important in this world? to see self as a soul and feel that very real pleasure.

To DO:
1. say to self " I believe that I have a soul inside of me.  I believe that the pleasure is really present inside me."
2. be patient
3. realize you are born in this natural state of joy and desire kills it- "a desire fulfilled is less pleasurable than the absence of desire" (111)

we live in a world built on everyone's desires= destroying the world. If we nullify our will, we will feel calm and peaceful and will reach "true inner peace and complete joy of life."(113)

Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh:
Section 2: Belief in the Creator

58.  Purpose of creation is so Hashem can bestow His good on us: the good is this taste-connection to Him

59.“Thinking about Him (constantly) is the foundation of the inner life of the soul and the key to entering a spiritual life”- or else life is shallow-always remember before Whom you toil=key to unlock block of closeness to Hashem.

-.Can take many years, but know this is why you are given time, so it's not wasted time...

60. What is your primary thought when you wake up?

61. There is a Creator- must have this awareness

62. First, reflect :who woke me up...Second, speak to Hashem with simplicity:Why did U wake me up, so I can serve U

63. Begin with every hour remembering there is a Creator, then increase to every 15 minutes- eventually Hashem will gift u with always remembering He is the Creator

64. the method: quiet and simple thought and statement, repeated over and over, like the water that hit the rock in Rabbi Akiva story : recurring simplicity can break through a rock (heart of stone- yeckezkel) There is a Creator

65. True perfection=deveikus to Hashem, all else is empty, when you realize this will find that “one's entire existence at all times must revolve around Hashem...He must be sought in each situation, every place, and at all times.” 613 mitzvos and Torah=ways to attach self to Creator-in all matters, find a way to become close and connected to Hashem.

66. When you see the truth- entire life is about how to become close to Hashem- then can adopt the methods described in this book.

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