Saturday, May 31, 2014

shavua tov:))

This Monday we will iyH meet for 30 minutes 12-1230 ny time.

It has been an amazing week.  The Rav's shiurim were beyond words, inspiring and powerful.

I even had the chance to meet some of you  in person for the first time and that was spectacular- I'm still flying from the feeling of it all.

For those of you who couldn't make it, it was recorded.

Here is the poem that one of our chaburah members composed while learning the sefer Da es Atzmecha;

By: D.R.

I wanna be a ballet dancer.
Without a coat to weigh me down.
The garment was soft and pink and wool
But I'm no fool.
I know its place. I know its face.
I hear it, see it, every step I trace.
It's right there waiting to take my place.
But I'm a pure neshama
G-d told me so.
So let me dance and let me glow.
I want to move
I want to shine
I want to reveal this neshama of mine.

If you can, please be on live on Monday, so we can discuss Shavuous and some ideas and how it ties into the last five chapters in Da es Atzmecha.

Love, aviva rus

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