Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chodesh Tov!

IYAR (alef, yud, yud, reish): ANI HASHEM ROFECHA (I am Hashem, Who heals you)

How can we tap into the powers of healing that Hashem implanted into the month of Iyar?

Through following the chukim, mishpatim, and osos.  These three categories heal our actions, thoughts, and feelings, respectively.

In addition, the sefiros that we are aware of during counting sefira, add another dimension to each day of this month.  With each day we can tweak a little bit of our midos.
(Rebbetzin Heller shiur on Iyar)

What if we are unsure of what we are supposed to be doing? Don't worry! Hashem is leading each of us to the exact place and situation we need to be in, so that we can grow in the perfect way.  We simply have to WANT to grow closer to Hashem, and He will guide us.

"Wherever your feet lead you, they are directed from above, to bring you into proximity to those divine sparks that belong to your soul alone. 

It may be a herb waiting to provide its healing powers, a stroke of wisdom that has yet to find an understanding heart, a human relationship that must be healed, a grand landscape that has been waiting to grant inspiration. 

If you learn to say a blessing over your food before eating, then a fruit somewhere in the world may await that blessing of yours. 

If you have learned to study Torah, there may be a place in the world sustained by divine sparks that have been waiting since the beginning of Creation to provide you an inspiring place to study, so that your words of Torah will redeem them." 
 (Reitza Sarah discovered this quoted paragraph on

Love, Aviva Rus

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