Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Let's go through a final check list.

Practically, don't forget about the yartzeit candle, eiruv tavshilin, leave on a flame, a oven, urn,  hmmm- any other ideas?

Emotionally, remember to feel the simcha and the chesed that is pouring down from Hashem.

He loves us and just wants to be close to us.

(tip from Rabbanit Yemima on how to stay in simcha zone; pick a thought that makes you happy and turn to it every time you start feeling upset or sad)

Spiritually: We are crowning Hashem as our king and showing that we only want to do His will.  When the shofar blows our soul is speaking!  We go deep inside ourselves and offer our nishmas chaim to serve Hashem (listen to yesterdays class for a deeper understanding of this idea).

Use a few minutes each day (today and tomorrow) to describe to Hashem how you would like Rosh Hashana and the year to unfold and then tell Him that after all you said, you are now giving it over to Him and simply want to be His.

May Hashem bless us with so much that it overflows and brings the geulah!

Good Yom Tov, aviva rus

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