Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don't know

why the geulah has not arrived yet.  

But I do know that this yom tov felt a bit more geulah-dik than last year for all of us.


I think and hope it is because it is nearing and the avodah we are doing inwardly is bringing the geulah from within!

I have spoken with some of you, and all of us feel bereft of the sukkah and the month of Hashem in the field with us.

Yet, there remains the longing to connect with Hashem in the deepest possible way and to continue to grow to be the person each of us are meant to be.

Hence, our chaburah!!! yayayayay! 

The plan: to deepen our relationship with Hashem until it pulsates through us every moment.

The avodah: speaking out loud to Hashem 1-10 minutes a day

We will iyH meet next week, Monday, October 7, at 12 pm NY time to continue our learning together.

Anyone who needs the number or access to the classes that have been recorded please email Shira at:

Thank you SHIRA for organizing the recordings of the past classes and the future ones iyH.

Here is the reading for the upcoming week (stay tuned for the outlines to be posted shortly iyH)

Chapter 23 in Bilvavi book 2
pages 177-183 InForest Fields
Chapter 6 (54-63) Jewish Meditation

I missed you ! Love, aviva rus

ps: mazal tov to Tammy on the engagement of her son!

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