Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Shabbos!!!

The day Hashem created the world, the 25th of Elul is this Shabbos!

Here is what i saw on Orit Riter daily dose of emunah:

"There is a custom that I learned from Rav Mansour shlit'a regarding the 25th of Elul, this coming Shabbat..   

1.Bring sweets home in particular this Shabbat, to hasten a sweet New Year.

2. Do not get angry in particular on this day, we shouldn't anyway as it is Shabbat kodesh.  

3. Before lighting the Shabbat candles light 5 tea candles, one for each time the word "ohr (light)" is mentioned in the telling of the story of creation and B'H may our homes be filled with this holy light.  

4.  Lastly, every day beginning on Shabbat read the Torah verses in sefer Bereishis th    at coincides with each day of creation; on Shabbat read the verses that describe the creation of the first day, on Sunday read the verses that describe the creation of the second day, and so on."

Reminder: This Monday iyH we will be meeting to finish our review from the past few months.

See last two posts for details.

WOW, can't wait to speak to you in the newly created world!

Love, aviva rus


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