Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rosh Chodesh seudah

I just read this on Divrei Chaim blog and had to share it!

In Tanach the only meal we see portrayed is the Rosh Chodesh meal (not Shabbos or yom Tov; Shmuel I ch 20).


Shem Mishmuel explains that each month corresponds to a shevet (12 shevatim/tribes) and each shevet has a specific avodah that is easier to achieve at certain time in the year.

Yaakov Avinu, after blessing each shevet individually, gathered them as a group, and gave them eachothers talents to use as a group.

Our ACHDUS (unconditional love;) allows for our individual gifts (yeud) to shine.

The seudah of Shabbos/yom tov is a siman that makes us aware of the holiness of the day.

The seudah of Rosh Chodesh is a sibah; it CREATES the achdus that transforms individual proclamation of self to a celebration for all of Klal Yisrael!

Let's celebrate, aviva rus

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