Monday, August 5, 2013

Chodesh Tov!!


Rabbi Nivin says it's a month of introspection and planning for how to live the year with vitality.  (join his chaburah starting today for more info on how to make an Elul plan and find your yeud and tikun)

Rebbetzin Heller states that the spiritual energy of Elul is longing and yearning.  How do we use this energy?

We can yearn for a closer relationship with Hashem and begin searching inside of ourselves for where we missed the mark over the past year.  The Rebbetzin adds that we should give tzedaka daily and say Tehillim kapital 27 daily. (join her chaburah starting today on how to get the most out of Elul)

So, bottom line; introspect, tzedaka, tehillim, and make a plan.

Use the six minutes to speak this out.  

Call one of your tripod to discuss it.

Remember, be gentle to yourself.  It is the desire to do and taking the step that counts.  Results are all up to Hashem.

Excited for the next step, aviva rus

ps Thank you Shira for offering and figuring out a way to make the recordings of our chaburah accessible on the computer.

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