Friday, May 31, 2013

Time Change for our chaburah to 12 pm NY time

Instead of 1:30 pm on Monday, our chaburah will be held at 12:00 pm this Monday, iyH

I am just reading a book called "Gems of Rabbi Nachman" by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.  In it is a clear reminder of how important it is to speak to Hashem out loud (remember 5 minutes a day).

If you are finding this difficult, please email me so we can brainstorm and discuss the issues.

Here is an excerpt from what i just read(153): 

The Rebbe said, "my achievements come mainly through simplicity.  I spent much of my time simply conversing with G-d and reciting Tehillim...I have spoken with many great Tzadikim.  They all said they attained their high level through prustick/ absolute simplicity.  They would do the simplest things, secluding themselves and conversing with G-d.  This is how they attained what they did.  Happy are they."

How lucky we are to have this opportunity of life to serve Hashem with simplicity and strive to achieve a level of gadlus- deep, meaningful relationship with Hashem.

I hope this Shabbos/ parshas Shlach we are able to maintain our awareness of this underlying foundation; simplicity.

Good Shabbos, aviva rus

(outlines will IY'H be posted on Sunday with a reminder of phone number and time change- I just have to actually make an outline in order to post...)

"No one is ever given an obstacle he cannot overcome"

"Peace comes when there is truth"

"From the moment a person considers repentance, his prayers are accepted"

Rebbe Nachman

(thank you Reitza Sarah for loaning me the sefer!)

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