Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good Shabbos!

Parsha Beha'aloscha:  

Moshe Rabbeinu tells his father in law (Yisro- also called Chovev/beloved) that "we (Bnei Yisrael) are journeying to the place Hashem tells us He will give to us, go with us".(10:29)  Moshe does not tell Yisro to take the "journey" with us, because that would entail asking him to convert, (as every moment that we exist is part of a journey to be close to Hashem).  Hence, Moshe was asking him simply to go with us. (Lazer Gurkow based on Rashi)

There is a difference in the words go with us and journey with us, and that got me thinking about what are we doing?

We (our chaburah) are on a JOURNEY together-BH!

It is one filled with hope for a deeper relationship with Hashem and the desire to BE all that Hashem knows we are.

Thank YOU for joining me on this journey.

Love, aviva rus

THIS MONDAY AT 12:00 NY TIME.... (future time will be on Mondays, at 1:30 NY time, iyH)


Let's begin our learning!!!! 

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